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Personal Blogz - Wilz thinks Wellness and Me pt.1

Halloumi, howdy, Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

This evening we want to start a new series to reflect my journey with my mental health and wellness, let's begin our new series Wellness and me,

If you are new here or haven't been following my blog for long, I do struggle with anxiety, and after our last post, if you haven't read it yet please check it out before you continue reading this blog, please click on this link to read it,

But I would like to do something a little more to document my journey so in time we can look back and see just how far we have come, and so all of you can all join along too, and lets all share and discuss our self-care habits, wellness techniques and mindfulness practices and help each other out, I know for myself it always relieving to have some who you can turn to who understands and to talk to about these sorts of things,

As I shared in my last blog post, I am currently working closely with my doctor and I am back working with my psychologist, on a fresh new set of medication, and I am making the journey back to health, wellness and stability, but in addition to this my doctor and psychologist have both asked me to be kind to myself, but I had to question what exactly does that mean,

It was a question that I did struggle with, but I did ask myself if I can give so many hours to work surely I can take 1 hour out of my day just for myself, but as my psychologist refreshed me it doesn't even have to be a full hour, she advised me I need to get back into doing some mindfulness practices, it really helps a lot if you are like me and sometimes the bad thoughts and worries take over making you more anxious than you should be, practising mindfulness helps to let go of these thoughts and to helps you to ground yourself so you are present in the moment, after all, you can only take life one moment at a time right,

One of my psychologist's favourite mindful practices is the leaf on the stream practice, this works by taking a comfortable seat, slowing down your breathing and picturing a running stream, focus on the stream and if your mind is to wander come back to the image and feel of the running water of the stream, and as you slow your breathing and begin to calm and slow down, imagine taking those bad thoughts that you have had and place them on a leaf and let it flow down the stream, let them go, release them from your system and when you feel calm again and you feel relaxed, you can take on the day,

Do you any of you have any different mindfulness practices that you like to relax with? Let's all share and help each other out, you never know your technique might be that one that really helps a fellow reader out there,

But along with making time for mindfulness, they both also asked me to take some time to indulge in some passions of mine, I have been asked a couple of times now have there been some passions that I haven't indulged in since my anxiety has been at play, and yes I admit there has been some that I let go but I am sorry, not sorry actually anxiety but I want to get back into them again, while I struggle at first to accept my anxiety, I am now releasing it is a part of me and I have to learn how best to work with it and not let it take me over,

In addition to all of this, I have also heard getting more active, and getting your blood pumping helps a lot with managing one's anxiety, my psychologist told me getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat helps to release more of the happy chemical in your brain, it just has all-round benefits, so in response to this I have been trying to add more activity in my day, taking a walk on the beach or in my local area,

Have any of you tried this too Walkerz? What type of activity do you like to do or where do you like to walk?

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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